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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
2:57 pm


Syntex lab

12 декабря 2009

- клуб Воzдух -

!!! Ночь Конституции Парти !!!

- Free Вход -

подробно zдесь ----> http://vkontakte.ru/event13456798


zдесь ------> http://aeroboard.ru/topic387557.html

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Sunday, November 29th, 2009
5:28 pm - VA - Khan Altay (Zaikadelic Records, 2009) - OUT NOW!


Khan Altay is a very special concoction. If you expect to find a mere set of tracks on this CD, you're in for a bit of a surprise, for this release is so much more. It is a mystical fable told by the campfire in the magical mountains of Altay in the summer of 2008 and recorded onto a digital medium with a great deal of love and care so that it might hold you spellbound for small eternity the way it held us. Thousands of lucid individuals from all across the globe gathered by the shores of River Katun to celebrate the total solar eclipse. According to the ancient legend, the Altay is the meeting point of three worlds. This is where the mystics of olden times located the Axis Mundi, which is like a stairway that begins in the Netherworld and reaches all the way up to the celestial spheres, passing through the world of humans on its way. Khan Altay embodies the spirit of our ancestral Earth - it is a living, breathing portal to the planetary consciousness. This festival has given us a chance to express our gratitude to Mother Gaia, which keeps the precious cosmic awareness ablaze for millennia. We are most grateful to the Space of Joy community for taking us on this amazing quest for our destiny.

Thus, each and every chapter of our sonic fable is a tribute to the magical event that we shall forever cherish in our hearts. Khan Altay is a space out of time, a festival of art and creation - the kind people from the Space of Joy have once again lived up to their name. We have done our best to preserve the sublime atmosphere of this festival and bring it right to your doorstep. Have you caught a whiff of campfire smoke yet? If not, you must have forgotten to put the CD on!


1. troll scientists - altaian chant
2. fragletrollet - goa snill
3. sattel battle - transformulator
4. ocelot - with me
5. olien - solar alignment
6. tsabeat - psy chop
7. gappeq - everything resonates
8. olien - altay alignment
9. cpc - balamut remix

Beatspace (Italy) / Saikosounds (Hong Kong) / Psyshop (Germany) / Juice (Japan) / Juno (UK)

(c) Zaikadelic Records

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Friday, November 27th, 2009
5:43 pm


- Kurkijoki Party -

Syntex lab

Syntex lab

Syntex lab





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Thursday, November 19th, 2009
2:03 pm


20 ноября 2009 - Carpe Diem Birthday Party -

- club Воzдух -

вход: FREE

Syntex lab





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Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
11:36 pm


13/11/09 - Psyko Birthday Party - Syntex lab

Syntex lab




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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
11:31 am - VA - Dream Surfer (Zaikadelic Rec, 2009) - OUT NOW!


In his new compilation entitled Dream Surfer, the eminent DJ Psyco Zaika explores the topic of dreams and illusions assisted by the cream of the Zaikadelic talent crop from across the globe. Tsabeat from Israel, Para Halu and The Path from Hungary, Ocelot from USA form the ranks of famed and much loved Zaikadelic artists. As for newly discovered producers, those are represented by Inner Vision and Cartoons form Macedonia, Moodsyne from Sweden and Tranzlation from New Zealand. The title track has been crafted by the rising Zaikadelic superstar Saikozaurus from the Ukraine. All the tracks are unsurpassably psychedelic and have been spun by The Zaikadelic Crew at parties and festivals worldwide, which makes them dancefloor-tested and psyhead-approved. Enjoy!

1. tsabeat - metamorphosis
2. inner vision - dark summer
3. para halu - my way on the highway     
4. the path - stormtrooper
5. moodsyne - mental haze
6. tranzlation - shamans cry
7. saikozaurus - dream surfer
8. cartoons - trilogy
9. ocelot and tsabeat - sing song

Beatspace (Italy) / Saikosounds (Hong Kong) / Psyshop (Germany) / GoaStore (Switzerland) / Juice (Japan) / Tower Records (USA) / Juno (UK)

(c) Zaikadelic Records

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Friday, March 13th, 2009
9:49 pm


Saturday, March 14th 2009: Twisted Extractions

From: 22:00 Till: 06:00

Dj's + live acts:
FluofreaX (TTS/TE)

Psylatino (Pt)

Astronomix vs Freaquencies



Baroeg, Spinozaweg 300

Deco: Twisted Trance Society & Alkalloid Extractions

Damage:7 euro

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
5:31 pm - Kamer te huur in Nijmegen centrum

Er komt hier een kamer bij ons vrij in Nijmegen centrum, 12m2 voor ongeveer 240 euro, per 1 november.

Dus ben of ken je iemand die nog een kamer nodig heeft? Stuur even een mailtje naar psychedelicatesse@hotmail.com met een foto en wat informatie over jezelf, wat je doet etc. en misschien wordt je dan door ons uitgenodigd om even te kijken.

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Saturday, January 26th, 2008
11:27 am - Para Halu on the Path - Wide Range (Zaikadelic Records, 2008)

1. Flash Signal
2. Naplement
3. Patternoia
4. Babylon
5. Methedrine Wave
6. Cybertalp
7. Rollertoaster
8. Blackhole
9. Radar
10. Alien Symphony

The brand new Para Halu vs The Path collaboration album WIDE RANGE shows way more melodies than the earlier Para Halu works and out-of-the-box fusions between various musical genres while still rooted on pure energetic psytrance. WIDE RANGE is a tricky combination of twisted sounds, futuristic basslines, hunting progressive beats, deep emotional atmospheres and retrospective goa-trance vibes. This collaboration of Adam Hohmann, Andras Fekete, and Peter Takacs followed an entire year of studio production and successful tests upon the psychedelic morning dancefloors of the world. The music is heavy yet gentle, deep yet uplifting, psychedelic yet groovy at the same time. The experiences evoked are absolutely indescribeable. Don't miss it!

Beatspace (Italy) / Wirikuta (Austria) / Saikosounds (Hong Kong) / Psyshop (Germany) / GoaStore (Switzerland) / Juno (UK)

(c) Zaikadelic Records

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Monday, November 26th, 2007
4:21 pm - V.A. - Neverending Story 3


1. Overdream - Click Here
2. M.M.C. - Optimal Orbit 25
3. Saikozaurus - Magic Mushroom
4. Digitalist - Mind Meditation
5. Ocelot - Shock to the System
6. Darkpsy - Vertigens
7. Encephalopaticys and Kulu - Ultra Spinner      
8. Becoming Intense - The Edge of Forever
9. Para Halu - Eternity

Compiled by dj Psyco Zaika. Mastered by Tim Schuldt.
Released: 15 November 2007.

Zaikadelic Records is happy to present the final part of the Neverending Story triptych. Many reviewers including the Mushroom Magazine said that the first part was very good, and the second part would be hard to top. With the third compilation Zaikadelic Records kills two hares with one shot: outbanging the second part and introducing new and brilliant artists such as Overdream and Saikozaurus from Ukraine, M.M.C. from Russia, and Becoming Intense from Brasil. The compilation has been tested by dj Psyco Zaika on festival dancefloors around the world. Funky, intelligent, danceable, and deep music for psychedelic gatherings and home meditations. 

May the Zaikas be with you! 

Beatspace (Italy) / Wirikuta (Austria) / Saikosounds (Hong Kong) / Psyshop (Germany) / GoaStore (Switzerland)

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